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Daily NBA Picks – December 1st, 2019

Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles Clippers are the four to combination today. All teams boast a healthy home team advantage while facing their opponents today.

The Celtics head to Madison Square Garden this afternoon to face the New York Knicks. New York has been prooving a difficult contender when at home. Their crowd and the noise factor is definitely a notch higher when the knicks are playing at the garden.

Toronto Raptors hosts the Utah Jazz at Rogers Center this evening with tip-off at 6:00 PM Eastern time. The raptors will receive back injured Lowry and Ibaka for their debut returns from injuries. Both were injured during their western division tour against the New Orleans Pelicans. With that said sporting a home team advantage, along with their returning starters and an unexpectedly proven depth the Toronto Raptors hold the favorite over the Jazz tonight.

Spurs come off a hot game after beating the Clippers in San Antonio. However, they are the underdog going into this afternoons match up against the Pistons in Detroit.

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