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Game Of The Week: Thanksgiving Showdown 49er’s @ Ravens

12/01/19 12:00 Pm CT

San Francisco 49er’s @

Baltimore Ravens

With 8 Thanksgiving showdowns about to kick off around the league, this matchup is by far going to be the most interesting and exciting to watch. The Baltimore Ravens are coming into this game with a record of 9-2, respectively loosing to the Patriots in week 8, and the Cheifs in week 3, while the San Francisco 49er’s are coming into this game at 10-1 only loosing to the Seahawks in a week 9 OT showdown.

Game Of The Week Pick: We are going with the 49er’s to take it over the Ravens in week 12. Odds are heavily in Baltimore’s favour this week

Keys To The Game:

-Rain and high winds will be a factor in the passing game.

49er’s defense have to hold Mark Ingram for major rushing yards.

Short passes will have to be key for both teams passing game.

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