Eagles Edge Giants In Overtime Showdown

This was quite the game for Monday Night Football on December 8th, 2019. The matchup was the New York Giants with a 2 in 10 record so far visiting the Philadelphia Eagles who have a 5 in 7 record this season.

The Matchup started quite slow going with no scoring in the 1st quarter by either team. It was more or less a back and forth game during this time but as the game progressed the Giants scored a touchdown right into the beginning of the 2nd quarter 14:52 remaining until the half. This was a 35-yard touchdown reception for the Giants.

Philadelphia fought back tough and hard putting up two large passing receptions to put the eagles in red zone territory. Philadelphia makes a great touchdown pass but unfortunately is overturned due to offensive holding on the play that was debatable by some of the sports announcers. Eagles were sacked on the 3rd and goal attempt causing Philadelphia to settle for the field goal.

The ball was now back in the hands of the Giants and Eli was showing redemption with yet another large 2nd quarter reception and continually have just been doing a great job of consuming time and moving the stick this first half. Giants settle for a 34-yard field goal.

10-3 Giants lead with 5:30 remaining in the 2nd. Eagles do a 3 and out with little movement at all. L. Johnson for Eagles was injured on this drive. Eagles punt it back to Giants with 4:00 remaining in the 2nd.

However, with only 27 seconds left in the first half Eli throws a 55-yard pass to Darius Slayton for the touchdown to put the Giants up 17-3 going into the half. The extra point was good.

Back and forth ball play until the eagles make some momentum and push for a two-yard touchdown after a large RedZone push in the early 3rd quarter. This was the Eagles first touchdown this game.

Eagles continue to fight hard but failed to convert a 3rd down and J. Elliott for the EAgles miss a much-needed 47-yard field goal that goes wide left.

3 and out for the Giants to give the Eagles ball and allow them to score another touchdown and tie it up with 1:53 seconds in the 4th. This forces overtime and the Eagles were able to edge the Giants with a touchdown over 8 plays for a combined 75 yard in OT.

A great game that I unfortunately had to enjoy from highlights and play by play history. But still enjoyable none the less!

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