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Game Of The Week #4 : Mavericks @ Bucks


Dallas Mavericks


Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are gearing up tonight to take on the Mavericks at home in their 3 game home stand. Milwaukee defeated Cleveland on saturday and are looking to continue their 18 game win streak against Dallas. Giannias and his Bucks are on fire and they have not lost since early November. Dallas is going to have to put up quite the game without Luka if they want to compete with this powerhouse Bucks squad. There is no surprise Milwaukee is number one in the league boasting a 24-3 record while Dallas is number 7 with a 17-8 record. The Mavericks has struggled lately dropping their last 2 of three games at home. Tonight would be a huge win that would gain back a lot of confidence going into the last half of December.

Injury Report : Milwaukee Bucks

– Dragen Bender is out for tonight’s game with an Ankle injury

– Eric Bledsoe is out for 2 weeks with a right fibula evulsion fracture.

Injury Report : Dallas Mavericks

-Luka Doncic is out for tonight’s game and multiple weeks with a right ankle sprain.

Weekly Odds Keys To The Game

-With out Luka, Dallas will have to rotate their bench well and keep eyes on Giannas for the right matchup.

-Dallas can gain a edge if they win the offensive and defensive rebounds.

-Getting Giannas into foul trouble early on will help Dallas later in the game.

-Both clubs will need to shoot well from beyond the ark.

Weekly Odds Report

With the Mavericks being 9-2 on the road this year and Bucks 10-2 at home, our pick for this game is going to be the Milwaukee Bucks over the Dallas Mavericks. The odds are Bucks 1.17 & Mavericks 5.95 for Moneyline. The Bucks are the favorite with Home Advantage.

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