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NBA Is Back Part 2!!!

Following list of starting games:

DateTimeHome Money LineAway Money Line
July 30th4:30 PMPelicans (N/A)Jazz (N/A)
July 30th7:00 PMLakers (N/A)Clippers (N/A)
July 31st12:30 PM Nets (2.75)Magic (1.45) F
July 31st2:00 PMTrail Blazers (1.80) FGrizzlies (2.02)
July 31st2:00 PMWizards (3.38)Suns (1.31) F
July 31st4:30 PMBucks (1.48) FCeltics (2.66)
July 31st6:00 PMSpurs (N/A)Kings (N/A)
July 31st7:00 PMMavericks (N/A)Rockets (N/A)
Aug 1st11:00 AMNuggets (N/A)Heat (N/A)
Aug 1st1:30 PMThunder (1.89) FJazz (1.91)
Aug 1st4:00 PMClippers (N/A)Pelicans (N/A)
Aug 1st5:00 PMPacers (2.49)76ers (1.53) F
Aug 1st6:30 PMRaptors (2.44)Lakers (1.55) F
F – Favorite To Win

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